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Luebeck, gateway to the Baltic

tourists come round the corner to hear the special features of a historic building explained to them in Japanese. A lively discussion is taking place in Turkish in the street caf, a group of laughing schoolchildren are polishing off the last of their hamburgers and chips and in the middle of it all business people are hurrying off to meet their partners in a deal while the local inhabitants bring home their latest purchases. The throbbing rhythm of modern life - in Lbeck, a city like any other? Oh no, for nearby the seven spires of the Gothic churches soar proudly into the sky, organ music resounds through the noonday city and the mayor and senators attend to their civic duties in the medieval Town Hall which, together with the market square and Marienkirche, comprises the very heart of Lbeck. Life in a historic setting School gates open and crowds of pupils emerge from the former monastery and disperse into the nearby cafs. Students from Germany's finest Academy of Music have left the neo-Classical building in the Groe Petersgrube to relax by strolling through the pedestrian precinct, with the entire Old Town as their campus... Lbeck's unique peculiarity is the propinquity of old and new, the Middle Ages and the present day, tradition and modernity. Within these walls and in these streets there still lingers the ambience of bygone Hanseatic days.Lbeck, gateway to the Baltic Today, with the new order in Europe, the East undergoing a radical change and the entire continent gradually uniting Lbeck is a link between north and south and between east and west. It is playing an important economic and cultural role in bringing together the peoples of the Baltic, the sea which connects the northern and eastern countries - Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, the Baltic states and Poland. Lbeck is a centre of commerce and industry, of research and development and higher education, a trade fair venue and in pursuance of the great days of the Hanseatic League - once again a key factor in trade in the Baltic area. A good tradition lives on.


 From the marriage register / Auszug aus dem Heiratsregister :

07.05.1654   Marten Drefahl, Ochsen Keufer  X  Christina Gerken     (V.:Winholt G. +) (Luebeck, St. Petri)

05.05.1663 Marten Drefahl, Krueger, wurde am 18.04.1654 Buerger  X Maria Stuhr (Luebeck, St. Petri)


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