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D-17207 Roebel Marktplatz 10Tel.: (039931) 50 651

Roebel/Mueritz, a town in Mecklenburg with ca. 6.100 residents on the largest lake in Germany, has much to offer and lies in superb natural countryside. The town by the lake is not only an angling and bathing paradise but is equally attractive for sailing and boating too, there is a now a new rest stop there with moorings.For tours and exploration of this natural Eden there are many cycling, riding and hiking paths and also guided tours of the city. You can take a guided walking or cycling tour or excursion through theMueritz National Park and enjoy nature at its best. The new, well furnished hotels and guest houses offer comfortable accommodation.


 From the marriage register / Auszug aus dem Heiratsregister

01.11.1759 Johann Christian Peters X   Maria Elisabeth Drefahl (Roebel-Neustadt, St. Nikolai)

01.10.1762 Christian Jacob Drefahl   X  Jungfrau Catharina Maria Jacobs (Roebel-Neustadt, St. Nikolai)

15.01.1768 Christian Jacob Drefahl  X  Jungfrau Anna Catharina Voelcker (Roebel-Neustadt, St. Nikolai)

20.10.1797  Juergen Jakob Drefahl   X   Margarethe Elisabeth Schlottmann


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