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Reuter City Stavenhagen

Schloss 1  D-17153 Stavenhagen  Tel.: 039954/ 2 83


The gateway to"Mecklenburgischen Schweiz", near to the Deutschen Allenstrasse, opens onto the small town of Stavenhagen. It enjoys its popularity thanks to Fritz Reuter, the best known of the Low German writers, whose life, works and legacy have all been lovingly preserved in the Fritz Reuter Literature Museum. The market place has a handsomeReuter Memorial; also worth seeing are the Chateau with its park, the castle walls and the church, all witness to the history of the old town where the Reuter Festival is held every year by Low German societies who come to meet from all over Germany. Old and new, culture and economic growth are all part of the prosperity enjoyed by Reuter City Stavenhagen.


 From the marriage register / Auszug aus dem Heiratsregister

15.10.1773  Hans FriederichRohde  X   Lise Dorothea Drefahl   (Ivenack, Raum Stavenhagen)

27.10.1769  Joachim Ludwig Horn, Schuster   X   Margaretha Elisabeth Drefahl aus Kriesow (Borgfeld, Raum Stavenhagen)

25.10.1782  Christoph Martin Ebert X  Anna Sophia Elisabeth Drefahl (Kastorf, Raum Stavenhagen)


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